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Bena Ethiopian Coffee

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Bena Ethiopian Coffee

Our Mission

Bena Ethiopian Coffee wants to introduce companies and individuals to coffee from Ethiopia: the country where coffee originally comes from. Our dream is to bring back the authentic coffee experience of 100% Arabica Ethiopian coffee beans. In addition, we bring a bit of authenticity and a memorable coffee experience to people at home and in the workplace.


100% Arabica koffiebonen
Ethiopische koffiebonen

Where does our coffee come from?

BENA coffee comes from our family farmers in the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. Because of the concept of direct trade, we do not use any intermediaries. As a result, the farmer receives a fair price for his coffee.

This guarantees high quality coffee beans with authentic Ethiopian flavors and aromas for a fair price.


BENA coffee is produced by our family farmers in Sidama and Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. We receive our coffee beans directly from our farmers, so great taste experience and quality are guaranteed. This way, you are guaranteed to have high quality coffee beans with authentic Ethiopian flavors and aromas.

Business order

Are you looking for delicious coffee beans for the office, your catering business, the sports canteen or during an event? Bena Ethiopian Coffee supplies high quality 100% Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans. We are happy to advise you on choosing suitable coffee beans for your working environment.