FACILenjoy FE110b compression milk cooler

The FACILenjoy FE110b milk cooler keeps the milk fresh and cold between 1 – 5 degrees Celsius. It prevents wastage and ensures that the milk is always fresh, whether at home, in the office, or in catering. The freestanding FE110b compression cooling unit is space-saving with a compact and sleek design, perfectly complementing the FACILenjoy FE41 fully automatic machines. It is also compatible with other fully automatic espresso machines with a milk system level system.

Comes with a 6-liter tank including a sensor.

Available from April/May 2022.

EAN 7424906352330

 1.148,29 incl. vat

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Looking for a milk cooler with a sleek design to complement your fully automatic coffee machine? Then the FACILenjoy FE110b compression cooling unit is a great addition. This milk cooler works alongside any coffee machine, but it is specifically designed to match the aesthetic of the FACILenjoy FE41.

Brand FACILenjoy
Contents 6 liter
Weight 14 kg
Measurements 24cm x 42cm x 52,7cm (bxdxh)
Capability 75W
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Colour black